Web offset press 7221 / 7222
Web offset press 6722 - Technical data
Web offset press 7221 / 7222 - Printing unit
Web offset press 7221 / 7222 - Folding system
Web offset press 7221 / 7222 - Drive, Control, Automation

Web-fed rotary machine
zirkon Silver Line 7221 / 7222

This zirkon web-fed rotary machine is an improvement of the “ultraset 72” first marketed in 1965. It can be used for printing simple and also high-quality single and multi-color products.



The "zirkon 7221" cold-set web-fed rotary machine is designed mainly for letterpress printing or newspaper printing (broadsheet format). For book production, cross grain has just the right direction for spine gluing in the quarter fold.

The web-fed rotary machine "zirkon 7222" is designed as a heat-set press, with higher output, including equipment for magazines or similar.