Web offset press 6722
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Web offset press 6722 - Printing unit
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Web-fed printing press
zirkon Gold Line 6722

The printing unit of the web-fed printing press


  • Two-around plate or blanket cylinders.
  • Blanket-to-blanket principle with horizontal web run.
  • Web-fed printing press with 3 ink forme rollers.
  • High stability of ink supply at all printing speeds.
  • Ink fountains with ink keys (19) designed for manual adjustment or remote control, laser-slotted ink duct blades.
  • Longitudinal, cross or diagonal registers, designed for remote adjustment.
  • Continuous-feed damping systems for printing with or without alcohol and for fine tuning to the inking systems for fast ink-water balance.
  • Heated ink distributors.
  • Semi-automatic plate changer – as an option for the web-fed printing press.