Web offset press 6612
Web offset press 6612 - Technical data
Web offset press 6612 - Printing unit
Web offset press 6612 - Folding system
Web offset press 6612 - Drive, Control, Automation

Web offset press Red Line - 6612
Drive, control, automation


control desk

  • Independent drive technology for printing unit, infeed, chilling unit, turning unit, folder or similar.
  • Busable auxiliary drive equipment for inking and damping units in the printing units.
  • PLC machine control system S7.
  • "Web protector" web safety device including web catcher, highly sensitive sensors, and many more.
  • Most advanced sensors and actuators for control, regulation and automatic presetting.
  • Press and drive control and monitoring via touch panel.
  • Default setting and correction for web guide and web tension control.
  • Data Management System for diagnosis, monitoring or data evaluation.
  • Quality control for ink and register with pre-setting, incl. connection to the digital pre-print devices.
  • Data processing of externally prepared printing jobs.
  • Saving of preset parameters of repeat jobs and new jobs during the printing operation.