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Web offset press 6612
Web offset press 6722
Web offset press 9622
Web offset press 7221 / 7222

Our printing machines

The zirkon product range of printing machines – Modern and customized

Our product range of printing machines has been tailored to meet the most different requirements of the market in different countries. In this way zirkon meets printers' needs, who must be competitive in the communication process with variable products.

Our product range of printing machines goes from straightforward cold-set presses via the eight-page rotary offset press of the 6612 model, which provides highest efficiency even for small print runs, to sophisticated presses of the 6722 or 9622 models.

The digits in the product code of the machine carry important information on the features of the printing machine. The first two digits indicate the maximum web width (in centimeters). The third digit stands for the number of sections on the plate cylinders respectively per cylindercircumference.
The fourth digit signals the development status of the printing machine, i.e., the generation of the product.