Glossary/Terminology for Web Offset Printing Machines

On this page we describe for you some of the more important terms in connection with web offset printing machines:

Back Printing
Cf. face and back printing.
Duly qualified personal
Duly qualified personal relates to persons who have been authorised to perform relevant necessary activities based on their training, background or knowledge such as of relevant standards or accident prevention regulations, and who will be in a position to identify or avoid hazards that may occur in the process.
Drive side
On a press, the drive side is that side on which the drive (individual components interconnected through gears and/or shafts) is located.
Face and back printing
Face and back printing relates to printing on either side of a printing substrate. In commercial rotary offset printing, the paper web is printed from bottom and top at the same time. Here, face printing relates to the printing of the top side of the paper web and back printing relates to the printing of the bottom side of the paper web.
FOGRA Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. is a registered association witht the object of promoting printing technology in the fields of research, development and application, and of making results available to the printing community. For more detailed information visit (www.fogra.org).
Isopropyl alcohol (or propanol)
Technical grade alcohol (undirinkable). For use as a wetting agent and admixture to the damping solution in offset printing. Isopropylic alcohol reduces the surface tension of the water. This, in turn, reduces the interfacial surface tension between the damping solution and the aluminium surface of the offset printing plates, and enhances the wetting of the non-image areas.
Inspection or Revision
The term inspection/revision can be derived from Latin and means to revise or inspect (lat.: re - videre - look back on). This term is used in many fields. In an engineering context, it means the scheduled revision of a large-scale plant or facility.
Operating side
The operating side on a printing press is that side of a printing unit from which the operator makes the majority of adjustments.
In printing technology, oscillation descibes a lateral reciprocating or oscillating motion of the ink rollers in the inking unit of a printing press.
Printing unit assembly
Printing unit assembly means an arrangement of several printing units in a closed assembly. The most basic printing unit assembly is the vertical blanket-to-blanket print unit for printing one colour each on the upper or lower sides of the web as commonly practised in rotary offset printing.
Printing plant
The term printing plant describes all printing unit assemblies arranged one by one in series.
Printing unit
Printing unit means a single component for printing one colour on a web. It is composed of a plate cylinder, and associated damping or inking units.
A unit, also referred to as attachment, is a machine designed to perform a certain technological function.
The term wastage relates to misprinted or defective sheets or prints not fully modulated. During the print job, wastage will occur from the setting-up of the printing press, or during production due to deficiencies in ink supply, in the print or colour registers, contamination or similar. Print finishing, too, requires additional print sheets for setting-up and production, as an allowance, as misprinted sheets will also be generated by these processing steps.
Wearing parts
Wearing parts are parts that are subject to excessive wear because of their function. Here, the actual amount of wear is a function of the conditions of use, running time or maintenance/servicing of the press. Wearing parts are excluded from warranty.